Truskavets is the original and most attractive balneological resort of Ukraine. Truskavets resort is located in a picturesque valley at the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at the height of 350 м above sea level at a distance of 100 kms from Lviv. The Lviv airport and railway link it with the largest cities of Ukraine and countries of Europe.

The city of Truskavets (Truskawets) is a cosy and pure ecological zone with a moderate – continental climate. By generous variety of terrestrial and subterranean underground riches, the resort is one of the most ancient health resorts of Europe.
Today Truskavets resort is capable of being a sample of a model of resort and recreation areas, places of working off and distribution of the newest technologies in resort area, introduction of effective methods of treatment, rehabilitation and making the population healthier, to ensure rational use of resources of recreation areas and proper level of nature protection.

Unique facilities of mineral waters determine main resort treatment directions:
I. Urology
II. Gastroenterology
III. Metabolic diseases

The most popular mineral water of Truskavets is "Naftusia" of truskavets field. Its structure includes substances of oil origin, which determines its unique treatment facilities. After contact with air organic substances of "Naftusia" are destroying, that's why its strongly recommended to drink it directly near bath.

"Mountain wax" – ozokerit is also actively used on resort in treatment properties. It is mined in few kilometers from Truskavets. Ozokeritotherapy is used on resort form 1947. Wax is used in heat treatment as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well as for effective treatment of degenerative diseases.

Besides the Chief Medical Profile – Urology, concomitant diseases are also treated on resort – digestive system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, diabetes, etc.

Treatment in Truskavets resort

Kidney and urinary tract diseases:

- chronic pyelonephritis and cystitis in the period of remission without signs of renal insufficiency or arterial hypertension;
- residual effect of acute pyelonephritis;
- urolithiasis without clear signs of kidney malfunction and urination problems;
- convalescence after stone removal from kidneys or urinary tract by surgery, instrumental surgery or apparatus;
- congenital kidney anomalies without signs of renal insufficiency and clear urination problems;
- chronic prostatitis in remission;
- uratic diathesis.

Diseases of the digestive organs:

- chronic hepatitis, residual effect after toxico-chemal liver affection at the inactive phase;
- esophagitis;
- chronic gastritis;
- cholecystitis, angiocholitis;
- chronic pancreatitis;
- functional indigestion and intestine problems, intestinal disbacteriosis;
- complications after operations on digestive organs;
- cholelithiasis except for the cases when surgery is required;
- gall-bladder system dyskinesia, functional diseases of the gall-bladder and bile passages;
- latent form of chronic pancreatitis unlike frequent acute forms;
- chronic colitis and enterocolitis beyond the acute phase, except for stenosing, tuberculosis, ulcer, specific bacterial and parasitic forms;
- intensinal dyskinesia beyond the acute phase.

Metabolic diseases:

- diabetes mellitus in the constant compensation state;
- alimentary-constitutional adiposity without blood circulation decompensation;
- uratic diathesis;
- obesity.

Accompanying diseases:

- locomotor system diseases, osteochondrosis, deforming osteoarthrosis, metabolic-dystrophic polyarthritis, posttraumatic arthritis, metabolic-distrophic spinal cord diseases;
- cardiovascular diseases: vegetovascular dystonia, cardioneurosis;
- peripheral nervous system diseases, namely neutritis, neuralgia, radicular syndroms, radiculitis, radiculoneutritis;
- functional nervous system diseases;
- chronic bronchial-pulmonary system diseases, such as bronchitis, pharyngitis and so on;
- chronic non-specific inflammation of female genital organs and many others.

Treatment methods

- baths: mineral, with phyto-additives, emerald, carbon dioxide, whirlpool;
- showers: Charcot's shower, circular, upstream, hydrolaser; underwater massage in a bathtub and swimming-pool;
- swimming in a mineral water plunge-pool;
- sauna;
- enteroclysis using mineral water, silver-ionized medicinal herbs, or automatic hydrocolonotherapy;
- microenema: oil, herbal and medicated;
- mineral water douches or internal feminine washes;
- hydromassage and mineral water hydrolaser massage for the gums;
- ozocerite therapy;
- physiotherapy: galvanization, medical electrophoresis, electrosleep, diadynamotherapy, amplipulstherapy, ultratonotherapy, darsonvalization, magnetotherapy, inductotherapy, UHF-inductotherapy, UHF-therapy, microwave therapy, ultrasonic therapy and phonoforesis of medical substances, laser therapy, CHF-therapy;
- inhalations: herbal, alkali and oil, aerosol therapy of micro-dispersed substances with vibro-massage of bronchus, aromotherapy, aerophytotherapy, speliotherapy, singlactic-oxygen therapy, phyto-cocktail, oxygen enriched foam drink, massage, medical physical training, therencury;
- distant percussion wave lithotripsy, which is used for crushing stones in the kidneys and urinary tract ‘DORNIER’ (Germany) equipment.This kind of non-invasive treatment is especially effective in combination with weakly mineralized water 'Naftusya'. It speeds up the removal of stone fragments, eliminates inflammation in the kidneys, and urinary tract; salt concentration in the urine decreases, and the metabolism is normalized. All this is very important in preventing the recurrence of stone formation.

Hotel complex "Zamok"
Location: Truskavets town, Lviv region. Hotel: The new three-storied resort complex with 3 luxury doubles (2 rooms), 1 double, 1 single. It befits for family VIP rest. Unfortunately, a miracle is rather rare today, but you have an opportunity to visit a “Castle”. The famous Truskavets balneotherapeutic health resort is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, 100 km from Lviv. Unique interior with hand-made stained-glass windows, art forging, wooden encrustation, sculptures, fountains, paintings creates special unforgettable aura.
Villa "Hyzhyna SPA"
Newly-built villa “Hyzhyna SPA” will help you dive into the atmosphere of exotic island located in well-known town-resort Truskavets There are different complex menus and and individual dishes for foodies! In Vitamin bar you will find a wide selection of Fresh drinks and tea map. At your request and chosen by you recipe is a broth with herbs will be prepared. Visiting area spa will bring you special feeling.
Sanatoriums Rubin, Yantar, Almaz, Crystal
“Rubin” is placed in a picturesque hilly side of Truskavets, not far from the city center and Mineral Water Well.
”Yantar” is located not far from the central city park, close to Healthcare facility and Mineral Water Well.
“Almaz” has covered passage to Healthcare complex Balneal clinic 2. Spa complex is located close to Mineral Water Well.
Resort complex "Chalet Graal"
Complex “Chalet Graal” is a new and unique, as to architectural style and format of rest & recreation, hotel in Western region of Ukraine. There all the conditions for combining rest with health restoration – up-to-date SPA equipment and natural sources will turn your health restoration into unforgettable rest.
Hotel complex "Rixos"
Diagnostic medical treatment and rehabilitation resort complex “Rixos-Prykarpattya” is located near to the center of Truskavets - the world’s famous balneal resort, famous by the underground sources of mineral waters, transparent air of Carpathian Mountains and picturesque vicinities. Fine mountain landscapes, elegant architecture and magnificent internal decoration of the complex create an atmosphere of wonderful rest.
Hotel "Oscar"
It is a wonderful boutique style hotel, excellent European standard of service with bilingual restaurant and front office staff. Twenty one individually designed suites and bedrooms, all featuring décor and furnishing that reflect the hotel’s emphasis on style, comfort and elegance. The hotel bedrooms feature color TV, direct dialing telephone, hair dryer and mini bar. Wireless internet (WI-FI) connection is available throughout the hotel. The hotel features specially commissioned murals, Hollywood collages and memorabilia.
Resting comlpex “Nik”
Recreation complex is located near the natural lake right at the entrance to the town from Lviv direction. It functions since 2005 and consist of four buildings with a car park, an open place with bar and summer-house, a summer restaurant complex.

Villa "Malvy"
Cottage is located in the very city-center, at the historic part of Truskavets. There is a newly-built spa-center “Med-Palace”, located directly across the road. Complex is situated very close to the well-room and mineral waters. There are independent systems of water supply, hot water - 24/7.:

Villa "Chocolate"
Location: Villa “Chocolate” is situated in the center of resort city Truskavets, 100 meters from lower pump-room. The villa was opend in March, 2009. The 3-storey building has 2 standard single rooms, 2 standard double rooms (shared WC and bathroom), 2 standard double rooms, 5 suites and 1 luxury suite, totally 10 apartments.