The Carpathian region is experiencing a tourism boom right now. All forms of tourism are growing, including hotels, skiing, and eco-tourism. Hotels in Ukrainian Carpathians are best booked through travel agencies. Locals rent out inexpensive rooms with different levels of comfort, and often will offer you tasty meals. A place to stay can be found in every Carpathian village. Wild camping is possible outside of towns.
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Lviv region
Lviv region is the most convenient and easy place to go when planning the trip to the Carpathian mountains. All resorts of this region are accessible by any means of transport going from Lviv, Kyiv, and Kharkiv. Well-known resort located in Lviv region is Slavsko ski resort (sometimes called Slavske). It is located only 120 km from Lviv on the Kyiv-Uzhhorod railroad.
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Ivano-Frankivsk region has the most beautiful views of the Carpathian mountains. It is attractive from many sides: natural, historical, ecological and cultural. The most popular resorts of this region are Yaremche, Kolomyia, Kosiv, Dragobrat, Polyanytsia (Bukovel), etc.

Transcarpathian region is a center of Europe. Hospitable people greet cordially tourists in the land of high mountains, fast rivers, healing sources, meadows and forests. There are 2 main towns worth visiting: Mukachevo and Uzhorod.

Other regions
Here you could find information about the cities and accommodation at other regions of Ukraine such as: Khmelnytsk region (Kamyanets-Podilskyy town), Ternopil region (Ternopil town), Rivne region (Rivne town).