Goat farm tour

A day trip to an ecological farm near Lviv, remote from industrial plants. The goat farm has 800 goats and specializes in cheese and milk production. Also, you will be shown the process of making cheese and you will be explained how long does it take to make it. The tour ends with a tasting of a goat cheese and milk which isn't only tasty, but is also very healthy. During the excursion, you will see goats, their places of residence and the way owners take care of them.

The owners of the goat farm, the Willer couple: Ukrainian Maria and French-speaking Belgian Bernard Willem are real Ukrainian farmers. This couple loves animals and is able to take care of them “according to the latest word of science.” Unlike Ukrainian farmers, they are elegantly dressed. Such are Europeans in endless Ukrainian black earths…

All goat farm cheeses are made exclusively from goat milk. Since the farm products are of natural origin and are based on the principles of “Bio” – the flavors of cheese can change slightly depending on the time of year, the type of feed, storage methods for the consumer.
Such changes in taste are not a disadvantage, but on the contrary – they are a feature.

Different types of mold can appear: green, blue, gray and sometimes red. This is caused by changes in temperature, humidity level, holding time in the refrigerator of the consumer. These types of molds, popular among many western manufacturers and gastronomes, are non-toxic, even the opposite. If the appearance of the mold bothers you – you can remove it with a knife. And if you are a gourmet – try and taste it.

Tour cost:
1 person – 4300 UAH
2 persons – 4600 UAH
3 persons – 5300 UAH
4 persons – 5600 UAH

Price includes: transportation, accompaniment, degustation of different types of cheese.