Dragobrat ski resort

Dragobrat is currently the highest skiing resort in Ukraine. It is situated on the height of 1300m and has marvelous view on the highest mountain in Ukraine – Hoverla (2061 m). The lifts are mostly located on the slopes of Stih mountain (1703 m) giving you plenty of the adventurous options to ski. Simultaneously, this resort gives you an opportunity to ski almost till May, as the climate here is quite special.

Pistes length: 500-3000m
Top elevation: 1600m
Lifts: T-bars and chairlift (350- 1000m)
Overfall of heights: 100-320
Dragobrat (Drahobrat) ski resort is well-known as the most exciting one as it gives you the numerous options to ski either on pistes or adventurous off-sites.

You can here find reliable snow conditions and rather good service level. The high peaks such as Stih (Stig) and Blyznytsia (1883m) are covered with snow till early May. These make Dragobrat Ukrainian top destination skiing lovers. It is an ideal place to feel the untouched nature and wild Carpathian spirit. One can easily acquire culture of Ukrainian highlanders, try original cuisine, buy traditional souvenirs.

When spring comes, the resort changes its face into a colorful mountain resort. You can ski among the early-spring flowers and watch amazing view on the Carpathians. As skiing is available here until May, you are welcome to have a “t-shirt” skiing. The following types of lifts are at your disposal: Chairlift (single) J- and T-Bars: Rotating Lift with the attached to the wire bars, which you have to grab.

* Please, notice that the way to get to the resort is quite complicated as it is the highest resort in Ukraine. You have to take a local transport from Yasinya village (the closest village to the resort) and have almost 15 km drive by the rough and bumpy road to the resort.

Prices for 2018-2019 years

Ski-passes for adults Price Kids ski-passes (up to 14 years) Kids and adults multi-lifts
3 times 100 UAH 50 UAH 40 UAH
5 times 150 UAH 80 UAH 60 UAH
10 times 250 UAH 150 UAH 100 UAH
20 times 450 UAH 250 UAH 180 UAH
50 times 1000 UAH 500 UAH 400 UAH

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