Ancient Settlements around Lviv

The one-day tour, which gives you an opportunity to explore the surroundings of Lviv, spend your day on nature, feel the historical value of the region, have a glance at the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains by watching the splendid views from the hills that you will explore. You will also visit Stilske settlement – the capital of Great (White) Croatia at VIII – XI centuries; Rozhirche – old monastery in caves; Dovbush rocks – a unique cavern complex.

The route of a tour:
Lviv – Bubnyshche – Rozhirche – Stilske – Lviv.
09.00  Departure from Lviv
11.00 Arrival in Trukhaniv.
Getting to Dovbush rocks on foot (4 km).
Exploring the rocks.

14:00 Lunch in the restaurant “Sonyashnyk”.
Moving to Rozhirche.
15.30 Arrival in Rozhiche. Walking to the old monastery in the rock
17.30 Arrival in Stilske. Exploring the complex.
18.30 Departure to Lviv
19.00 Arrival in Lviv

We start our trip at 9am departing to Bubnyshche and then get on foot to Dovbush rocks. Dovbush rocks lie along 26 hectares of the picturesque park territory. At a height of 900 m. there is a lake, which is called Dead lake, because nobody knows where the water comes from.  There are also souvenir stands during the tourist season there. You could hold a picnic on a meadow, ride a horse or have a lunch in one of the wooden restaurants located nearby.

We will stop for a lunch in the local restaurant “Sonyashnyk” .

Our next stop is another picturesque place near Rozhirche village. The whole monastery complex is located in the caves that were slotted in the rocks during XIII-XVI centuries. This is a unique sight as such style of construction wasn’t typical for Galicia at that times. These two-level rocky caves of the monastery include living rooms and church. The monastery is located on the hill so that you can watch a wide panorama of the surroundings and the valley of Opir river.

Returning to Lviv we drop into Stilske complex which is located near Mykolayiv. It is definitely a unique place, as its’ origin comes back to VIII – middle XI centuries. The capital of the Great (White) Croatia was located right in this area. The city was really huge at that time: fortified square came up to 250 ha, length of the arbor and defense walls – about 10 km. To compare, Kyiv of that time was only 9,8 ha in square. We will come back to Lviv approximately at 7 pm.

Tour fee:

by car – 3600 UAH per group
by minibus (up to 8 persons) – 4600 UAH per group


- transfer (a car/minibus with a driver)
- Lviv region map
- print-outs (short information about the sites)

Not included:

- guide service.
- lunch in the local restaurant “Sonyashnyk”

* The tour is non-guided. You will be provided with a map of Lviv region and the print-outs about the sights that you are going to visit. You can take an English-speaking guide with you at the additional fee of 3500 UAH per day.

Information about the sites in pdf (in English)