“Rucksack” (things to be taken in a mountain trip)

Please read what you need to take in a mountain trip.
Things that are worn on (e.g. the rucksack itself, boots……) are included into the “rucksack” either.
The content of the “rucksack” can be modified to meet up your needs.

A rucksack (75l approx.).
2. Shoes:
- boots (comfortable and reliable);
- sneakers, trainers or sandals.
3. Clothes:
- a head-dress (bandana or panama);
- 2 cotton T-shirts;
- a shirt;
- a light jacket to protect from wind and rain;
- waterproof cloak (in case of a shower);
- polar sweater;
- underwear  (2 sets min.);
- light pants (may be 2 pairs) – not jeans preferably;
- shorts (not obligatory);
- socks (min. 4 pairs + 1 pair of warm ones).
4. Hygienic means:
- toilet-paper;
- tooth-paste, a tooth-brush;
- soap;
5. Dishes:
- a light metal plate;
- a metal mug;
- a spoon;
- a knife;
- a bottle for water.
6. For sleep:
-  tents (common with the whole group);
-  tourist (foam) mat;
-  sleeping bag (from 0 to +10 °C).
7. In a wallet:
- money;
- documents.
8. Extra:
- a torch (common with a part of the group).

If you don’t want to carry the sleeping equipment to Ukraine, please check the renting offers:

Price per day, UAH
Tent 80
Sleeping bag (+5°C) 40
Mat 10

Have a nice journey!