“Rucksack” (things to be taken in a mountain trip)

Please read what you need to take in a mountain trip.
Things that are worn on (e.g. the rucksack itself, boots……) are included into the “rucksack” either.
The content of the “rucksack” can be modified to meet up your needs.

50-60 l backpack (the volume of the backpack depends on the size of equipment, however, as practice shows, 50-60 l is quite sufficient for a two-day hike in the summer);
- tent (double-layer, with a waterproof outer awning);
- a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of 0 – +10 (summer nights in the Carpathians can be quite cool, so it is worth considering, as well as the features of thermoregulation of your own body);
- carry mat; it is also convenient to have a seat with you;
- gas stove, fuel for cooking (do not count on fire and firewood);
- trekking shoes (sneakers, boots);
- removable camping shoes (sandals);
- windproof, waterproof jacket (preferably membrane);
- the raincoat poncho is desirable;
- tracking pants (thin, fast-drying, preferably synthetic materials);
- 2 T-shirts (preferably of synthetic materials, their advantage over cotton – the ability to bring the moisture outside and dry quickly, while the cotton is much longer stay moist and increase the risk of cold under gusts of cold wind on mountain peaks);
- fleece (if they promise cool weather, you can take 2 pieces – one thinner for trekking, another thicker for evening sit-ins;
- trekking socks (not cotton, again – cotton absorbs moisture, and wet socks – a straight path to calluses);
- sleepwear (thermal underwear or thin warm clothing, socks);
- multifunctional headband (2 pieces possible), hat, gloves (according to weather);
- trekking sticks (facilitate ascents and descents, unload knees);
- headlamp;
- utensils (cup, spoon, plate), knife, pot for cooking;
- a bottle for water – 1 liter per person;
- personal first aid kit;
- map (even if you go with a guide, the map in your hands increases self-confidence and makes the hike even more interesting because you will know exactly what you see near the top.
It is desirable to protect the things in the backpack from moisture by special pressurized bags, or at least ordinary bags.
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Have a nice trip!