Uzhgorod is the most remote settlement of Ukraine. You will never find another city with such an organic combination of the ancient tranquility and modern turbulent life. The emblem of Uzhgorod, like in the ancient times, depicts a traditional succulent vine-shoot – a symbol of wealth and brotherhood. According to the archeological sources, in the first half of the 1 millennium A.D. this territory was populated by the ancestors of the Slavs, which in history are known under the name of white Croats, which built here the early-feudal settlement – center of Slav princedom headed by the legendary prince Laborets. From old times Uzhgorod preserved numerous architectural monuments – Uzhgorodski caste, Roman-Catholic cathedral, Gorianskaya rotunda dated ХІІ century, etc.
Hotel "Ungvarskiy"
Location: Uzhorod town, Zakarpatskyy region You think that time for rest is over? You will be surprised, because we will show you the place, where rest is never end. For the health season does not exist. Ungvarskiy Hotel is located near the city center of Uzhgorod, on Elektrozavodska street, 2 and recently opened (October 2007), only 5 km from Slovakia and 27 km from Hungarian borders. This small unique Hotel is located 3.75 km from the Airport, 1.92 km from the railway and bus stations, and 900 m to the historical centre of Uzhorod.