Slavsko ski resort

Slavsko is one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine because of its' easy access by rail, variety of slopes on the Trostian, Politekh, Pohar, Velykyi Verh Mountains and, probably, the lowest prices. It is situated about 130 km from Lviv.

Pistes length: 700- 2000 m
Top elevation: 1230 m
Lifts (T-bars and Poma lifts): 800-2800 m
Slavsko (Slavske) has four popular ski areas, which are not linked by lifts. The pistes are of beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers.

The existing ski trails in Slavsko are now serviced by two rope-chair lifts and 18 T-bar lifts.
The best slopes in Slavsko has the Trostyan Mountain (1232 m) as it has the pistes of all categories. There are 11 pistes with a total length of 22 km. Trostyan is located in 2 km from the Slavsko village. The road to the Mountain is available only for the jeeps or local truck-taxis.

Politekh slopes are of the beginner category. If you are planning to try skiing for the first time, it is the best place to do it. More than that, This mount is easy to reach as it is located exactly in Slavsko.
Pohar slopes, as well as Politekh ones are located in Slavsko.It has afew pistes. They are of red category (intermediates).
The night-skiing is available as it has lighting.

Velykyi Verkh (Zakhar Berkut) is a newer resort and located in 5 km from Slavsko. Almost all pistes are located on Velykyi Verkh Mountain (1242 meters). It is a good options for the skiers who prefer the pistes of intermediate category. There are one chairlift and three T-bar lift available on Velykyi Verkh. You should be prepared to the queues, but it is possible to buy premium rate tickets that allow not to stay at the queue!

Service Monday-Friday Saturday & Sunday
Holiday season
Daily ski-pass 350 UAH 300 UAH
3 hours 250 UAH 200 UAH
Getting up once
(without equipment)
100 UAH 80 UAH

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