Trekking in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is nothing like having a trip to Alps. Being in dense forests, high ridges, and beautiful valleys mostly without well-marked paths, you will nourish into the real natural beauty, watch the wild life, discover the authenticity of life in the mountains. You will definitely feel the peculiarity of this region and the satisfaction from the achieved new challenges and aims.

The mountains cover quite a large area and tourism has been developed only in some villages nearby skiing resorts. Otherwise it’s mostly forested area with few marked paths, so venturing on a proper hiking trip you have to be good with a map and a compass and have your own food supply and a tent. Locals in the villages usually are friendly but they do not speak any English, so the communication can be a problem.

If you take a guide you’ll be sure that you will not get lost, and that you will have a option to get back safely to the civilization in case the weather turns out badly. The Carpathians are not very high (up to 2000 m) but in the case of bad weather they can be quite rough and as any other mountains require good equipment, experience and responsible behavior.

We personally check each destination before producing a tour. We always pay individual attention to each client. Your itinerary of the tour will be designed according to your wishes and budget.

We don’t just arrange a trip – it’s something we passionately believe in.

2017 Calendar: trekking tours
Trekking tours in Ukraine are a great opportunity to discover the nature of some of the most fascinating regions of the Carpathian mountains.

Trekking Borzhava, 2 days
Transport: train
Staying overnight: tent
Starting dates to join a group tour: 29 July 2017
Tour price is 60 EURO per person for group of three and more people.

Trekking Syvulia Mountain, 2 days
Total distance to walk: 47 km
Transport: mini-bus
Start/finish: Stara Huta village
Tour price - 115 EURO
Starting dates to join a group tour: 08 July, 2017
Trekking Bystrytsia-Stara Huta, 4 days
A four-day trekking tour in Gorgany, the wildest region in the Carpathian Mountains.
It is the best choice to get acquainted with Ukrainian Carpathians.
This trek will take you to the deep pine forests, wild mountain valleys,
stony ridges and high peaks.
Starting dates to join a group tour: 05 May, 22 July, 2017
Trekking Gorgany, 5 days
Total distance to walk: 63 km/57 km
Transport: train Start/finish: Tatariv / Yaremche
Best season to make a trip: May – September
Starting dates to join a group tour: 10 June, 05 August, 2017
Tour price is 110 EURO per person for group of three and more people.
Trekking Chornohora, 5 days
General distance to walk: 72 km
Transport: train or mini-bus
Start/finish: Lazeshchyna and Zelene villages
Starting dates to join a group tour: 21 June, 18 August, 2017
Tour price is 115 EURO per person for group of three and more people.
Expedition across the Wild Carpathians, 9 days
Take part in a self-sustained 9-days trekking expedition through the wildest and the most unspoiled mountains in Europe.
No no pubs, no shops, no people around. 9 days of proper hiking in beautiful mountains and wild forest. Total adventure and unforgettable experience guaranteed.
Starting dates to join a group tour: 21 May 2017
"Rucksack" (things to be taken in a mountain trip)
Please read what you need to take in a mountain trip.
Things that are worn on (e.g. the rucksack itself, boots……) are included into the “rucksack” either.
The content of the “rucksack” can be modified to meet up your needs.