Oryavchyk is located 28 km from Skole (Lviv oblast), which is on the Kiev-Uzhhorod train route. It is just 4 km from Tysovets. The slope has a base elevation of 850 m above sea level and a maximum elevation of over 1050 m. There is a tow lift all the way up the mountain and several runs down. Skiing is intermediate, with a gradual slope at the bottom that is perfect for beginners.


Cottages "Oryavchyk"
Situated at Oryavchyk village, 6 km from the Tysovets ski centre. Complex of cottages “Oryavchyk” consists of 5 new wooden cottages: 2 double cottages, 2 cottages for 4 persons and 1 cottage for 6 persons. Every cottage has a sauna and a kitchen with all kitchen equipment (cooker, fridge, electric kettle). Kolyba dining room (built in a traditional Hutsul style), an outdoor swimming pool, large territory, an apiary and a forest nearby.
Cottage "Zveniv"
Location: Oryavchyk village, Lviv region. Hotel: A complex consists of two parts: hotel and cottage. Directly near a hotel there are two lifts 350 and 960 the General amount of places - 28. Rooms: 2,3,4(6)- person and 2-person room in a cottage. Hotel Services: Billiards, bar, sauna,swimming pool, restaurant, sport equipment rental, horse riding, bikes, ping-pong, bow-shooting.