Gorgany race

A 30-hour adventure race «Gorgany Race» takes place every year in June in the wildest part of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains - Gorgany. This area is the most uninhabited one of the Carpathian Mountains. Gorgany remains the unique nature reserve with plants and mountains one would never meet in other parts of the Carpathians. River Limnytsia was considered to be the cleanest river in Europe. Being unpopulated and somewhat remote, Gorgany is considered to be the most difficult region of the Carpathian Mountains - a perfect place to find real and unforgettable adventure.

Starting dates is 28.06.19 to 30.06.19

Gorgany Race is an adventure race in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, that combines several endurance disciplines: orienteering, running, trekking, mountain biking and rope activities. It is one of the leading adventure events in Ukraine that attracts both sportsmen and amateurs from different parts of the country. The race is held every June in Gorgany region – the wildest and the most uninhabited area of the Carpathian Mountains with the most challenging terrain and plenty of natural obstacles.

Gorgany Race takes place every year in June.
Time limit: 30 hours, non-stop.
Teams of 2 – 4 people: mixed, male or female.
The race is held in the following categories:
“TREK” (Trekking/running, orienteering, rope activities)
“BIKE” (Mountain biking/cycling, trekking/running, orienteering, rope activities).

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In 2012 Gorgany Race started near Peregynske village, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The competition was held in “Trek” and “Bike” categories including mountain biking/cycling, trekking/running, orienteering, rope activities. The teams from 2 to 4 people had to cover the distance of about 90 km (“Trek”) and about 160 km (“Bike”) along the challenging mountain terrain in less than 30 hours. Due to the difficult orienteering in covered with dense forest mountains, a considerable distance, the large differences in elevation, etc., only few managed to pass all the required checkpoints and meet the time limit. Overall, in 2012 the competition was attended by 104 teams (236 people), which represented almost all regions of Ukraine and such countries as Belorussia, Czech Republic, USA.

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Photo and video report from the race in previous years: