Biking Zhovkva-Krekhiv

This is a great opportunity to explore Lviv region in Ukraine by bikes. You will see the pearl-town – Zhovkva, where dozens of the sights are preserved. More than that, it is an “ideal” Reneissance town-fortress. It will take us about half an hour to get to Krekhiv from here. It is famous for an old monastery, a wooden church and bellfry. The road back to Lviv goes through the National Park, that is why nature will definitely impress you.

Region: Lviv
Level: amateur
Duration: 10 hours
Tour route: Lviv – Zhovkva – Krekhiv – Fiyna – Bryuhovychi – Lviv

Tour cost:
820 UAH per person (in a group of 4-6 persons);
990 UAH per person (in a group of 3 persons);
1150 UAH per person (in a group of 2 persons);
1800 UAH per 1 person.

Extra services:
-bike rent, 330 UAH per person;
-train tickets, 90 UAH per person;

We start our trip from Lviv train station, where we will take a train to Zhovkva. The trip will take a little bit more then one hour.
The town has an impressive and interesting history, related to the life and work of famous people. There were the private residences of the crown hetman Stanislaw Zolkiewski and King Jan the third Sobieski, the military headquarters of Russian. Zhovkva is the only sample of the “ideal” Renaissance city-fortress.

The small village of Krekhiv is located in 12 km Zhovkva. We will see a wooden church (built in 1724) with an interesting iconostasis and a wooden belfry with a tower, which has the features of that time defensive construction. In 2 km of southeast direction from the church, the Saint Basil Monk Order Monastery is located (was found in 1612). The monastery complex is surrounded by the forest with the caves where the monks lived.

We are going back to Lviv through the National Park so that we will have enough opportunities to enjoy beautiful nature not far from Lviv. The trip will end in Lviv at about 19.00.