Tatariv is located amidst the Hutsul country (Hutsulshchyna) by the Prut River. It is famous for the Kremintsi “sanatorium”, a health spa, and a center that was set up initially for therapy programs for patients with tuberculosis. Mountainous massive overhangs and circumscribes the village — among the major peaks there is the Mahura Mountain, 1,288 m / 4,226 ft high. Surrounded by the Carpathian National Nature Park, the Ukraine's largest nature reserve at 750 m (2,460 ft) above the sea level, Tatariv is situated right at the crossroads between numerous spas and health centers as well as nearby ski-resorts like in Vorokhta and Bukovel. The geographical center of Europe, Rakhiv is just 44 km (27 mi), while the administrative center of the region - Ivano-Frankivsk town, is 86 km (53 mi) from Tatariv.
Hotel complex "Koruna"
The resort hotel “Koruna” is situated in the village of Tatariv, Yaremche district, among the magnificent mountains in the heart of Hutsul region near the valley of fast mountain river Prut. The hotel harmonically combines national traditions and romance of the past with modern benefits and technologies. Its magic is in crystal clear mountain air, in the silence of ancient forests and the hospitality and professionalism of the personnel. The hotel is located 15 km from the skiing resort Bukovel, 10 km from Hoverla mountain (2061 m), 80 km from the airport and railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk, 20 km from resort town Yaremche.