Rafting – Cheremosh river

Rafting trip along Cheremosh river, 2-8 days.
Price: 880 UAH per day and 1980 UAH for 2 days
Season: May - September. Dates are flexible for the group requests.
Apply at least 2 weeks before the start of the trip.

The combination of Black and White Cheremoshes is the most appropriate option for the raftsmen. The Cheremosh and its tributary usually have short turbulent floods with rapid changes of the water level. The Black Cheremosh is more affluent than the White Cheremosh. The route passes by Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi towns. Cheremosh is a right-hand tributary of the Prut river – formed by confluence of the Black and White Cheremoshes. The total length of Cheremosh river is 80 km, Black Cheremosh – 87 km, White Cheremosh – 50 km. These are typically mountain rivers with a slight incline and rapid race (from 8 to 20 km/h).

Day 1.
Staple (the procedure of catamarans assembly and camp setting). Start of rafting from Dzembronia village to “tartak” (the Ukrainian name of saw-mill). Here we will train you to operate with the paddles and catamarans, and if you are brave and fearless – also with the classical water obstacles: the breathtaking water rapids, “barrels” and “shyvery”. We guarantee the absence of dry cloth and a lot of emotions and impressions.

Day 2.

We will float from the Mariken dam. Nothing serious some 40 km. Today you will experience yesterday’s rapids, “barrels” and “shyvery” – but three times more. Our way will be not far from the Ukrainian-Romanian border, so don’t forget the passports.

Day 3.
Let us give some rest to the hands and paddles, and involve our legs – we are going for a small walk to the Pip Ivan Mountain over the Smotrych Mountain. At the Pip Ivan’s top we’ll see the building of the higher former mountainous meteorological station in Ukraine – so called White Elephant. If good luck and fine weather accompany us, then from the top we’ll see a small part of Ukraine – some 50 km forward. However, we can’t assure the weather conditions – somebody can burn in the sun, catch thermal impact or get frost-bitten. But we still hope to come back to the camp on the same day – here the hot “russian bania” will be waiting for us, and we’ll be cooling in the Cheremosh’ waters.

Day 4.
We will change our camp’s location, pack our equipment on the catamarans, and, like the true water tourists, float to the Usterik – 40 km by the river. On our way we will meet some small water obstacles and admirable landscapes.

Day 5.
In Usterik we’ll leave the autonomic camp, and by the local cross-country vehicle GAZ-66 going to the Marien dam. Be ready for the windy trip. The White Cheremosh, during the high-water period, will surprise us much more than the Black one. The 40 km of the float contains rapids, canyons, water “barrels” and other obstacles, which you will overcome till the end of the trip.

Day 6.
If you enjoyed the previous day and if you want to improve yourself in managing catamaran, yourself or your screw – we’ll repeat the Day 5.

Day 7.
We will turn the camp off and float to Vyzhnytsia (35 km). The river goes through the beautiful Bukovyna, the flowing isn’t too rapid, so you’ll have enough time to enjoy the amazing landscape. In Vyzhnytsia we’ll run the antistaple (the procedure, opposite to that mentioned on the first Day), than pack our bags and equipment and return to Lviv.

The tour cost includes: instructors, raft rental: 2- or 4-sits catamarans, food (twice per day at the camp), tents and group equipment.
The tour cost does not include:
additional personal equipment rental (e.g. sleeping bag), special clothing and footwear for rafting, insurance for foreign citizens, transportation to the start point of the trip and back to Lviv.