Rafting – Cheremosh river

Rafting trip along Cheremosh river, 1-6 days.
Possibility of making the combined tours (rafting + hiking/horseback riding).
Price: 950 UAH per day and 2000 UAH for 2 days.
Season: April - September. Dates are flexible.
You can join a group tour during the weekend.

The combination of Black and White Cheremoshes is the most appropriate option for the raftsmen. The Cheremosh and its tributary usually have short turbulent floods with rapid changes in water level. The Black Cheremosh is more affluent than the White Cheremosh. The route passes by Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi towns. Cheremosh is a right-hand tributary of the Prut river – formed by the confluence of the Black and White Cheremoshes. The total length of the Cheremosh river is 80 km, Black Cheremosh – 87 km, White Cheremosh – 50 km. These are typically mountain rivers with a slight incline and rapid race (from 8 to 20 km/h).

The program of the rafting trip:
The base camp is located in Dzembronya village where the rafting trip will be arranged.
We could arrange the transfers for you from Lviv town, Ivano-Frakivsk town, Yaremche and Vorokhta towns.

The rafting trip can last from 1 to 8 days depending on your wish.
It can be a half-day raft per day combined with hiking or horseback riding.

The rafting route can be as follows:
Dzembronya river – Krasnyk village, 7-10 km (the most interesting rapids, approximately 2-3 hours on the water, the distance depends on the ability to control the craft).
Dzembronya river – Iltsi village, from 9 km (includes the previous section, 3-4 hours on the water).
Dzembronya river – Verkhovyna village, 15 km (includes the area of the most interesting rapids, 4-5 hours on the water).
Zelene village – Dzembronya river, 14 km (easier than the previous ones, about 3-4 hours on the water).

Tour cost: 950 UAH per person per day and 2000 UAH pr person for 2 days.
The tour cost includes: instructor’s services, raft rental: 2- or 4-sits catamarans, life jacket rental, helmet, lunch.
The tour cost does not include:
accommodation (tents, bungalows, cottage or hostel), insurance for foreign citizens,
rafting clothing rental (wetsuit and wet boots), transportation to the start point of the trip and back to Lviv.