Transcarpathian tour

You will spend an unforgettable time in a sunny Transcarpathian region with a lot of forests, parks and ancient castles preserved till nowadays. You will be able to visit 3 most beautiful and popular castles of the region and enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes together with the tasting of national Transcarpathian-Hungarian cuisine and discover the traditions and the culture of thew local people.

Palace of Shenborns in Chynadiyevo, Ukraine 07:30 – the departure from Lviv city.
09:00 – coffee-break in Stryi town.
The trip to the palace of Shenborns in Chynadiyevo. The castle is perfectly preserved. In 1890 in place of a wooden house, there was built the castle, consisting of 12 entrances (by the number of months in the year), 52 rooms (by the number of weeks in the year), 365 windows (by the number of days in the year).

Mukachevo, Ukraine Tour to Mukachevo castle “Palanok” (XIV-XVIII centuries).
No matter from what side you are arriving in the city, the castle is visible, as it is located on the hill.
Lunch in an ethnic cafe in Uzhgorod town.

Mukachevo, Ukraine Tour to Uzhgorod castle (XV-XVIII centuries). Actually, palace stands on the edge of the steep northern slope of Castle Hill. This massive two-storey building in the Renaissance style follows the outline of the fortress. The castle is surrounded by the beautiful green and cozy park, where you will be able to have a rest and observe the panorama of Uzhgorod town. Returning back to Lviv at around 21:30.

Group tour - 600 UAH per person (every week, from May till October).
This price includes transportation + excursion during the tour in Ukrainian/Russian language.
Individual tour - 5500 UAH by car and 6200 UAH by mini-bus.
The price includes transportation.
You could hire an English-speaking guide at extra 4000 UAH.
Entrance tickets to the castles – 120 UAH per person.
Dinner at the restaurant – 150 UAH per person.

Information about castles in pdf