If you are seeking for adventure, adrenaline and extreme challenges, if you want to experience the unforgettable beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians – come to Ukraine and join us in our trips. Summer adventures: cycling, cossacks outdoor adventure, etnotur, rafting through the Cheremosh river and Gorgany race and winter adventures: freeride tour and climbing Petros are selected at your disposal. Here you should be ready for the participation in all camp-works - from the tents setting to fire making.

Cycling around Lviv
An interesting overview bike tour through the parks and green areas of Lviv, which is suitable for beginners as well as for amateurs. You can go through Shevchenkivskyi park and Vynnykivskyi forest-park, enjoy nature and fresh air within the noisy city, stop and have a rest near the Vynnykivskyi lake and Devil's rocks.
The trip to the High Castle park is also included.
Biking Zhovkva-Krekhiv
This is a great opportunity to explore Lviv region in Ukraine by bikes. You will see the pearl-town – Zhovkva, where dozens of the sights are preserved. More than that, it is an “ideal” Reneissance town-fortress. It will take us about half an hour to get to Krekhiv from here. It is famous for an old monastery, a wooden church and bellfry. The road back to Lviv goes through the National Park, that is why nature will definitely impress you.
Horseback riding trips
If walking becomes too tiring, you can always ride.
Horseback riding - quick day rides and multi-day adventures, where every ride is an unforgettable trip to nature.
Traveling into areas beyond the reach of even today’s 4x4s; you’ll understand that horses are perfect for exploring more of the country.
Rafting - Opir river
Duration: 1 - 2 days.
Grade of water: 3
Season: March-May.
Price: 650 UAH per person per day; 1800 UAH per person for 2 days (all-inclusive).
On the route: Synyevydskyi canyon, whitewater, several drops.
Rafting - Dnister river
Rafting trip along Dnister river, 1-2 days.
Great possibility to spend the day or weekend on the open air, swim at the river, enjoy a meal prepared on fire and relax after active rafting along the river.
Price: 400 UAH per person per day (without transportation).
Season: June - September.
Rafting - Cheremosh river
Rafting trip along Cheremosh river, 1-6 days.
Possibility of making the combined tours (rafting + hiking/horseback riding).
Price: 950 UAH per day and 2000 UAH for 2 days.
Season: April - September. Dates are flexible.
You can join a group tour during the weekend.
Transcarpathian biking tour
The biking tour “7 Legends of the Transcarpathians” lasts for 7 days and covers about 230 km. You will watch waterfalls, mountains and valleys, gorges, streams, museums, ancient churches and castles, etc. Every day will be an exciting experience, as you are introduced to the local culture and distinctive flavor of the Transcarpathian region, including the wooden and stone architecture, as you commune with nature, enjoy the diverse Ukrainian and Hungarian cuisine, and taste home-made wines and Swiss cheese.
Cossacks outdoor adventure
Exciting adventurous hike in the Carpathian Mountains along a picturesque Borzhava ridge. Competition between two teams using various strike-ball (a lighter version of paint-ball) game weapons and working out your own “war” strategy and tactics. Conquer or defend an abandoned Soviet military base, which used to be one of the top secret and most important sites during the Cold war times. A great opportunity to assay your strength in a real trek with overnights in tents, to plan and fulfill your own defense and assault strategy, to take part in different militant games, competitions and contests. Strong impressions are guaranteed!
Gorgany race
A 30-hour adventure race «Gorgany Race» takes place every year in June in the wildest part of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains - Gorgany. This area is the most uninhabited one of the Carpathian Mountains. Gorgany remains the unique nature reserve with plants and mountains one would never meet in other parts of the Carpathians. River Limnytsia was considered to be the cleanest river in Europe. Being unpopulated and somewhat remote, Gorgany is considered to be the most difficult region of the Carpathian Mountains - a perfect place to find real and unforgettable adventure.
Freeride skiing
One day skiing/snowboarding adventure.
Different dates are possible.
Please inquire.

Climbing Petros
Winter hiking is more difficult than summer one, but it gives hundred times more impressions and satisfaction. We advice you to try the pearl of winter Carpathians: Petros Mountain – 2020 m. high. Winter view from Petros will take your breath away. Visibility range may be about 50 km, you can even see the part of Marmaros Mountain Ridge (part of Romania).