Horseback riding trips

If walking becomes too tiring, you can always ride.
Horseback riding - quick day rides and multi-day adventures, where every ride is an unforgettable trip to the nature.
Travelling into areas beyond the reach of even today’s 4x4s; you’ll understand that horses are perfect for exploring more of the country.

Price for the tour 75 $ per person per day.
Price includes: tourist equipment; horse harness; food; *In case of “rejection” of any food – please warn in advance.

Basic riding skills are preferred.
All horses  are quiet, durable, sociable and with good hiking experience. BUT – they are not bikes, they are large and very strong creatures. You will have to negotiate with them.

Necessary things in the trip:
- narrow toe (it is really important);
- shirt with long sleeve;
- fleece sweater;
- autumn jacket (short);
- warm underwear;
- additional socks;

Tourist equipment:
- sleeping bag;
- knife;
- raincoats;
- flashlight (headlamp);
- toothpaste and brush.