Ivano-Frankivsk region

Ivano-Frankivsk region has the most beautiful views of the Carpathian mountains. It is attractive from many sides: natural, historical, ecological and cultural. The most popular resorts of this region are Yaremche, Kolomyia, Kosiv, Dragobrat, Polyanytsia (Bukovel), etc.

Kolomyia is a jest of the fore-Carpathians, a symbol of unremembered shrines revival, a cradle of the west-Ukrainian history, a pearl and a soul of Gutsuls land. The most famous museum of Kolomyia is Pisanka Museum (pisanka – is a painted egg, which is specially painted for Easter). The museum was opened in 1987 in Kolomyia-based church of the Saint Annunciation. A new page in the history of the museum commenced from construction of the specialized house, which central part has a shape of pysanka – about 13 m high.
Tatariv is located amidst the Hutsul country (Hutsulshchyna) by the Prut River. It is famous for the Kremintsi “sanatorium”, a health spa, and a center that was set up initially for therapy programs for patients with tuberculosis. Mountainous massive overhangs and circumscribes the village — among the major peaks there is the Mahura Mountain, 1,288 m / 4,226 ft high. Surrounded by the Carpathian National Nature Park, the Ukraine's largest nature reserve at 750 m (2,460 ft) above the sea level, Tatariv is situated right at the crossroads between numerous spas and health centers as well as nearby ski-resorts like in Vorokhta and Bukovel. The geographical center of Europe, Rakhiv is just 44 km (27 mi), while the administrative center of the region - Ivano-Frankivsk town, is 86 km (53 mi) from Tatariv.
Bukovel (Polyanytsia)
Bukovel Ski Resort is situated in Polyanytsia village, Ivano-Frankivsk region, 30 km from Yaremcha. Bukovel is the first European-class resort, with high-speed chair lifts, meticulously groomed slopes, snowmaking machines and ubiquitous security personnel. Bukovel resort has been carefully planned to make skiing and snowboarding enjoyable and convenient.
Park Hotel is a four star hotel of Ivano-Frankivsk. It is located in 15 minutes of walk from the city center in Mazepy street 146. A successful place of location is one more advantage of Park Hotel, it is next to a city lake and a park - the one of the best areas of the city which adds feeling of comfort and strengthens the atmosphere of comfort. Combination of city’s atmosphere in the foot-hills of Carpathians and European service will make your stay here indeed unforgettable and pleasant.
Hotel "Atrium"
The hotel and restaurant complex is located in old historical center of the town on Sheptytckiy square, near Cathedral and Art museum, not far from the city-hall. It offers: the hotel “Atrium”, café-confectionery “Bize” and the restaurant “Churchill”. Atrium – the modern hotel of the European level has 11 comfortable rooms: 2 double-room suites, 4 semi-suites, 3 double standard rooms, 2 single standard rooms.All rooms have telephones with a trunk-line and international connection, free of charge internet connection (WI-FI). A lavatory has a shower (bath-tub in suites), a hair-drier, hygienic means; suites have bathrobes and slippers, floor preheating in all rooms.
Kosiv is a picturesque little town in Hutsulshchyna— the land of high Ukrainian Carpathians mountains, torrents and fresh air. The town is over 500 years old and is a district seat of Ivano-Frankivsk Region in Ukraine. Kosiv is famous for its outstanding artists who not only create beautiful things, but also keep national traditions in embroidery, ceramics, weaving, forging, making wooden, linen and woolen things, pysankas. Kosiv region is really rich in talents— there is an artist almost in every house. Kosiv was, is and will be a place to visit for everybody interested in ethnic roots of hutsuls or just involved with folk applied art and unbelievably beautiful and clean nature.
Yaremche is one of the most popular climate resorts of Ukraine. Yaremche sometimes is called the pearl of Carpathians. The magnificient landscapes, healthful sources, remarkable sights of architecture, ancient and interesting history of the region, original culture and language of sincere gutsuls, promoted Yaremche to be known as tourist center in Prikarpattia. The simple European city with its own customs and traditions attracts thousand domestic and foreign tourists. The most magic places are a waterfall "Hasp" on the river Prut, Dovbush stone and rocks, unique cliffs on a right bank of Prut. Territory of Yaremcha local government is one of the major recreation districts of Carpathians mountains and Ukraine on the whole. City Yaremche with subregions Dora, Yamna is located on the height of 500-535 m. above a sea level. Yaremchanschina occupies the south-western part of Ivano-Frankivsk region and is situated in the central part of Ukrainian Carpathians within the limits of the mountain formings of Gorgan, Pokutsko-Bukovina Carpathians and Chernogori.