Transcarpathian region is a center of Europe. Hospitable people greet cordially tourists in the land of high mountains, fast rivers, healing sources, meadows and forests. There are 2 main towns worth visiting: Mukachevo and Uzhorod.

Pylypets is an up-and-coming ski area 12 km to the south of the Volovets train station, which is on the Kiev-Uzhhorod train line. The ski lifts (tows, actually) are new, and there has been a lot of construction there recently. For example, some cottages have been built near the top of the new ski run, which rises to nearly 1200 m above sea level from a base of 800 m.
Uzhgorod is the most remote settlement of Ukraine. You will never find another city with such an organic combination of the ancient tranquility and modern turbulent life. The emblem of Uzhgorod, like in the ancient times, depicts a traditional succulent vine-shoot – a symbol of wealth and brotherhood. According to the archeological sources, in the first half of the 1 millennium A.D. this territory was populated by the ancestors of the Slavs, which in history are known under the name of white Croats, which built here the early-feudal settlement – center of Slav princedom headed by the legendary prince Laborets. From old times Uzhgorod preserved numerous architectural monuments – Uzhgorodski caste, Roman-Catholic cathedral, Gorianskaya rotunda dated ХІІ century, etc.
Mukachevo is the second-largest city in the Transcarpathians. More than 1,100 years have passed since the first written records about it. In different periods the city formed part of various states, which influenced its architecture, national and ethnic composition, traditions and habits of its population. Here are several monasteries, two medieval castles and marvelous palaces of Shenborn and Rakotsi
The most interesting skiing area in Ukraine is Dragobrat, where you will find reliable snow conditions and superior facilities over a period of half-year. Skiing season begins in November and ends in May here. The high peaks such as Stig (1704) and Blyznytsia (1883) are covered with snow as long as until late April or early May, what makes it Ukrainian top destination for down-hill skiing lovers. Here you won’t see queues or crowd, and it is an ideal place to feel the untouched nature and wild Carpathian soul. One can easily acquire culture of Ukrainian highlanders, try original cuisine, buy traditional products and, finally, have a great evening and night in a bar. It is also extremely popular among fans of snowboarding. Sometimes you can visit their parties with extreme jumping and acrobatic feats.