Synevyr lake

Synevyr lake is the most beautiful and most visited lake in Ukraine. It is located in the height of 989 m under the sea level, surrounded with a beautiful forest and picturesque meadows. You will have a possibility to walk to the top of the mountain where it is located and feel the real nature along the way. The mountain stream flows along the road to the lake and you can drink and take the spring water with you.

The second spot of the tour you will visit will be Shypit waterfall (comes from the word “whisper” as it can be heard far away from its location). You will also have a walk up to the waterfall along the forest and nature stream. The 14 m waterfall is beautiful at any season of the year and is in the list of 7 nature wonders of Ukraine. After the overviewing the Shypit waterfall you will take a chair lift to the top of Gemba mountain (1500m) and make unforgettable pictures with the local mountain panorama of Pylypets village.

Tour cost:
Group cost – 500 UAH per person.
This price includes transportation + excursion during the tour in Ukrainian/Russian language.
Individual tour costs:
– 3700 UAH* by car;
– 4300 UAH* by mini-bus;
*price doesn’t include guide service.
You could hire an English-speaking guide at extra 400 UAH / hour.
Entrance tickets – 45 UAH per person.

07:00 – the departure from Lviv city.
The trip to Synevyr lake (The Sea eye), that has 4-5 ha of a square and is located in National Park at the height of 989 m under the sea level. Lake Synevyr is rightly considered as one of the calling cards of Carpathian Mountains. Lunch in one of the local restaurants located in Synevyr meadow.
Going to Pylypets village, to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Carpathians – Shypit.

Taking a lift to Gemba mountain (1500m) for overseeing the panorama of the local mountains.

21:00 – returning to Lviv.