If you are looking for an easy and a pleasant trip on a short notice, this tour is perfect for you.
Both tourist sites are located in a very close distance to L’viv and are easy to reach.


Zhovkva, Ukraine Zhovkva, Ukraine Zhovkva, Ukraine

The city has very rich and interesting history, related to life and activity of famous historical persons. There were private residences of the crown hetman Stanislaw Zolkiewski and King Jan the third Sobieski, the military headquarter of Russian Tsar Peter the first, place of born and childhood of the Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyy – established of Ukrainian State in XVII century. Zhovkva is the only remains in Ukraine example of Renaissance “ideal” city-citadel, the real pearl of national architecture heritage. Today on the small territory of the town, there are 55 architectural monuments on the world, national and religion level, two heritage places of landscape architecture, 15 historical museums.


Krehiv Monastery, Ukraine Krehiv Monastery, Ukraine Krehiv Monastery, Ukraine

This small village is located in 12 km Zhovkva. You should examine a wooden church (built in 1724) with an interesting iconostasis, and a wooden bell tower near it which saved the lines of defensive architecture. In 2 km to the southeast from the village, there is the Vasylian Monastery first founded in 1618 near a mountain with a cave and later moved to its present location. There is the Mykolaiv church (1721-1737) and monastic cells (1755-1902), and also a defensive bell tower. After extensive works of renovation, the monastery now shines again and radiates its splendor.

Group tour fee (every Monday): 450 UAH per person.
The tour is being held in Ukrainian language, you will be provided with the print outs of the tour in English.
The tour fee includes: transportation, guided tour.

Individual tour fee:

by car - 3000 UAH (up to 3 persons)
by minibus - 4000 UAH (up to 7 persons)

Price includes a car (minibus, bus) with a driver.