Day trips

For those who want to explore Carpathian region which is not too far from Lviv, we offer trips to Dovbush rocks and Parashka mountain. Former hiking experience is not needed as the mountain area has easy way. If you are interested in more cultural and esthetical tourism, the Castle trip will be the best option for you - three pieces of Ukrainian architecture can be attended - Olesko, Zolochiv and Pidhirtsi castles.

Synevyr lake
Synevyr lake is the most beautiful and most visited lake in Ukraine. It is located in the height of 989 m under the sea level, surrounded with a beautiful forest and picturesque meadows. You will have a possibility to walk to the top of the mountain where it is located and feel the real nature along the way. The mountain stream flows along the road to the lake and you can drink and take the spring water with you.
Goat farm tour
A day trip to an ecological farm near Lviv, remote from industrial plants. The goat farm has 800 goats and specializes in cheese and milk production. Also, you will be shown the process of making cheese and you will be explained how long does it take to make it. The tour ends with a tasting of a goat cheese and milk which isn't only tasty, but is also very healthy. During the excursion, you will see goats, their places of residence and the way owners take care of them.
Dovbush Rocks
A trip to Dovbush Rocks is a good idea for travellers who want to spend one day at the mountains without long hikes and extra physical efforts. The rocks are located in a 2 hours drive from Lviv and could be reached by car. The rocky chain is an unique place which appeared million years ago. You will get a lot of pleasure and emotions while hiking and jumping from rock to rock.
Transcarpathian tour
You will spend an unforgettable time in a sunny Transcarpathian region with a lot of forests, parks and ancient castles preserved till nowadays. You will be able to visit 3 most beautiful and popular castles of the region and enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes together with the tasting of national Transcarpathian-Hungarian cuisine and discover the traditions and the culture of thew local people.
Two Castles and a Monastery
This one-day tour includes two popular castles – Olesko and Pidhirtsi - and an old monastery in Pidkamin. These places fully illustrate the historical value of Lviv region. All the sights are located in a short distance from each other (15-30 minutes of drive) in small authentic villages. The most beautiful is Olesko castle based on a hill that can be observed from a long distance. Besides, Olesko castle has a medieval restaurant where you can have a delicious meal. Pidhirtsi castle is considered to be the most valuable palace-garden complex in Ukraine. It contains defensive system, palace, church and a park. Pidkamin is not included to the standard popular routes around Lviv. Nevertheless, the old monastery on the hill with a small park nearby and the rock with the old cossacks' crosses around is worth visiting.
Castle tour
Castle tour is the most popular outdoor trip that starts from L'viv city.
It embraces visiting of 3 main castles of L'viv region: Olesko, Zolochiv, and Pidhirtsi castles.
All the castles are located in a close distance from each other (30-15 minutes of drive) and are located in small authentic villages.

Zhovkva and Krehiv monastery
This trip is considered for the tourists who like quiet stay and eco-tourism.
You will have a possibility to enjoy green area and holly places of Krehiv monastery complex
and visit a small and cozy city of Zhovkva.

Tustan fortress
Tour to Tustan fortress is an easy and interesting day trip to Urych rocks which give you an opportunity to have a walk in a picturesque mountain region and reproduce in your mind complex forms of ancient wooden construction.
After a lunch break, you will also visit a local waterfall Kamyanka.

Ancient Settlements around Lviv
The one-day tour, which gives you an opportunity to explore the surroundings of Lviv, spend your day on nature, feel the historical value of the region, have a glance at the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains by watching the splendid views from the hills that you will explore. You will also visit Stilske settlement – the capital of Great (White) Croatia at VIII – XI centuries; Rozhirche – old monastery in caves; Dovbush rocks – a unique cavern complex.