Tustan fortress

Tour to Tustan fortress is an easy and interesting day trip to Urych rocks which give you an opportunity to have a walk in a picturesque mountain region and reproduce in your mind complex forms of ancient wooden construction.
After a lunch break, you will also visit a local waterfall Kamyanka.

During the tour, you will visit a giant rocky massif, on walls of which here and there a mighty fortress was mounted and a Kamyanka waterfall.

Kamyanka waterfall
This picturesque waterfall is located in 7 kilometers from Skole town. This is a very popular destination among the tourists, as it is also a geological nature monument. It is located on the river Opir among the dense Carpathian forest. Waterfall’s cascade falls into a small natural pool where tourists like to swim. However, the water is pretty cold.

Tustan fortress
Tustan is a unique monument of history and architecture of IX – XIII centuries, that has no analogues in Europe. This is a place where history can turn back and become part of the Ukrainian culture of the Middle Ages. In a thousand years B.C. tribes of pagans lived on this territory. And on the stones of this rocks you may find about 270 petroglyphes. The most popular among them are the signs of sun – which glorified the pagans god of Sun.

In the IX – XVI century there was a fortress made of wood. After the archaeological digs scientists made a graphic reconstruction of the 5-storied fortress. In 1241 it was ruined by Mongol and Tatar army. There is also a museum, where you can see the remains of the fortress and archaeological finds. The height of the rocks is about 75 m. Now it is a part of Ukrainian historical preserve.
Originality of Tustan lies not only in its natural features, but the rock itself is impressive. Tustan uniqueness lies in the possibility of accurate (90%) reproduction of wooden buildings that existed on the rocks. The fact is that the builders erecting an impenetrable wooden fortress on rocks, hollowed in stone grooves for fixing wooden structures. There is no tree anymore, but the traces have been preserved in a stone. Wall-city of Tustan creates a complex of rocks: Rock, Sharp Stone, Little rock, groove and rock adjacent to Voronyi chain.

Group tour fee (every day):
450 UAH per person.

Trip duration: 09:00 – 19:00.
Total distance: 270 km.
Price includes: transportation during the tour, a map of the Lviv region + print-outs with information about the sights (the tour is guided in Ukrainian/Russian languages). The entrance ticket to the fortress costs 50 UAH per person.

Individual tour fee:
by car – 3000 UAH
by minibus (up to 8 persons) - 3500 UAH

Price includes a car (minibus) with a driver, who will accompany you. You can take an English-speaking guide with you at an additional fee of 4000 UAH per day.

Information about Tustan fortress in pdf