Undoubtedly, living in the cities and having all kinds of modern comfort, you have been thinking about how far from the untouched nature you had gone. You are looking for something real and maximum natural. Simultaneously, you are not ready to hold up your usual comfort. We offer you to have a glance on the wild nature of the Ukrainian Mountains, while hiking the Carpathians and staying for the night in the comfortable cottages.

If you feel that you aren’t prepared to lose comfort but have a desire to be closer to nature, you chose the right way to combine both. Choosing our hiking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians, you’ll see the beautiful views of the Carpathian mountains and stop for the nights in comfortable cottages.

The Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains are definitely the special ones. The tourism has been developed only in some areas. Otherwise it’s mostly the wild forests, valleys, meadows and ridges with few marked paths, so venturing on a proper hiking trip you have to take a guide. Locals in the villages usually are friendly but they do not speak any English, so the communication can be a problem.

If you take a guide you’ll be sure that you will not get lost, will be able to communicate with local people, and you will have a option to get back safely to the cottage, where you are staying in, in case the weather turns out badly. The Carpathians are not very high (up to 2000 m) but in the case of bad weather they can be quite rough and as any other mountains require good equipment, experience and responsible behavior.

The Carpathian Mountains are really beautiful and we want you to fall in love with them as we do.

Hiking Parashka Mountain (+winter option)
Every weekend join the group tour to Parashka.
Price is 900 UAH per person (for a group of 5 persons).
Price includes: mountain guide; train tickets.
Individual tour cost: 4600 UAH by car.
Hiking Ihrovets Mountain, 2 (3) days
Total distance to walk: 25 km
Transport: minivan
Start/finish: Stara Huta village

Hiking Marmarosy ridge, 1-4 days
Individual/group tour to a wild region of the Carpathians.
Staying at the house located up in the mountains.
Start/finish point: Yaremche town.
One day price - 1500 UAH per person in a group tour.
Full tour price - 5000 UAH for 4 days in a group.
Hiking Chornohora ridge, 3-4 days
Group/individual tours.
Base camp: Dzembronya village.
Possibility of staying in tents, bungalow, hostel and wooden cottage.
The cafe with meals is available at the base camp.
Rafting, horse-back riding, master classes of the kayaking can be ordered here.