Yaremche is one of the most popular climate resorts of Ukraine. The magnificient landscapes, healthful sources, remarkable sights of architecture, ancient and interesting history of the region, original culture and language of sincere gutsuls, promoted Yaremche to be known as tourist center in Prykarpattia. The most magic places are a Probiy waterfall, Dovbush stone and rocks, unique cliffs on a right bank of Prut.


Villa "Khovanka"
The villa “Khovanka” is located in Yaremche town, 500 m from the town centre and from the railway station. 

Hotel-club "Yaremche"
Location: Yaremche, Ivano-Frakivsk region Hotel: Modern European and traditional Carpathian styles are carried out in this newly built hotel. Building consists of 15 rooms, designed in a Hutsul style and furnished with a natural materials (local stone, wood, wares of clay). Very comfortable location of the hotel-club ”Yaremche”, 1.5 km from the city centre and train station attracts attention of tourists and guests of the city.
Hotel "Stanislawskyy"
Location: Yaremche town, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Hotel: Is situated in center of Yaremche town near the Probiy waterfall in an environmentally clean area. Here you will be dipped in the atmosphere that is filled with crystal clean mountain air, sorceries of Carpathian old legends. Will get the special pleasure, being in the perfectly equipped rooms with an unforgettable panorama of Carpathian mountains and river Prut.