Sanatoriums Rubin, Yantar, Almaz, Crystal

“Rubin” is placed in a picturesque hilly side of Truskavets, not far from the city center and Mineral Water Well.
”Yantar” is located not far from the central city park, close to Healthcare facility and Mineral Water Well.
“Almaz” has covered passage to Healthcare complex Balneal clinic 2. Spa complex is located close to Mineral Water Well.
Almaz (Diamond) is also situated in the uphill part of the spa facing a picturesque panorama of the Carpathian Mountains. It accommodates 880 visitors. At a near distance from it are situated the BOH1 and the Main Mineral Water Pump Room. The Mother and Child Departments, as well as, urological and gastroentherological departments function there.
The spa Crystal is one of the leading spas of Truskavets. It is located in the uphill part of the health resort opposite the wonderful park close to the beautiful woodland. `Krystal` is a modern comfortable eleven-storied building overlooking picturesque Carpathian sights and a wonderful view of Truskavets. Almost 900 guests can be accommodated in its light and cosy rooms at once. There function gastroentherological and urological departments. The spa has a library, a hairdress, a bar, a training hall, and a remedial gymnastics department.
The spa Yantar (Amber) comprises two eleven-storied buildings connected by means of roofed passages. It became famous for its specialized Mother and Child Department adjusted to 200 guests where children from 4 to 16 with their parents can be treated. For their entertainment and rest there function playrooms, classrooms, a medical training hall, a gymnasium, a sport ground. The spa has the gastroentherological and urological departments. Yantar is located at a near distance from the resort park and the centre of the city, the medical diagnostic complex and the Water Pump Room.
The spa Rubin (Ruby) is a vivid example of modern resort architecture. It lies in the picturesque part of Truskavets not far from the medical health-improvement buildings, the Main Mineral Water Pump Room and downtown. Nearly 860 guests can be accommodated here at once. There function gastroentherological, urological departments, the Mother and Child Department, massage consulting rooms and a conference hall adjusted to 150 visitors.

Prices for 1 person for 1 day: *

Meal type
Price, UAH
Two room Apartments
1 person
2 person
Two room Improved
1 person
2 person
One room Studio
1 person Buffet 462
2 person Buffet 385
One room Improved
1 person Buffet meal 422
2 person Buffet meal 365
One room Standard
1 person Buffet meal 385
2 persons 345
One room Economy
1 person Standard meal 221
2 persons 198

*-price includes accommodation price, board, treatment (diagnostics, water treatment, ozocerite therapy, massage, physical training, etc.)