Kolomyia is a jest of the fore-Carpathians, a symbol of unremembered shrines revival, a cradle of the west-Ukrainian history, a pearl and a soul of Gutsuls land. The most famous museum of Kolomyia is Pisanka Museum (pisanka – is a painted egg, which is specially painted for Easter). The museum was opened in 1987 in Kolomyia-based church of the Saint Annunciation. A new page in the history of the museum commenced from construction of the specialized house, which central part has a shape of pysanka – about 13 m high.
Hotel "Kolomyia"
Location: Kolomyja town, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Hotel: A new three-storied building with 12 rooms. The hotel was opened in 2006. The “Kolomyja” hotel is ideally situated in the very heart of the town, opposite the “Pysanka” museum near the central square. If you are looking for cosy and well lit rooms with a pleasant view, then Hotel Kolomyja is just for you. Comfortably furnished rooms are at your disposal.