In the Carpathian Mountains at the height of 600 metres above the sea level there is a unique small mountain health-resort settlement Skhidnytsia. Health-giving waters, fresh mountains air, beautiful mountains nature - all these components are very helpful in liver, kidney, stomach diseases treatment, facilities radionuclide and heavy metals getting out from the human organism.
Source 1. This is hydro-carbonate-sodium-calcium water. Scientists of Lviv Medical Institute and Odessa Scientific-Research Institute of Health Resort Science and Physiotherapy and local doctors advise to use this water for such diseases treatment: urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic pyelocystitis of non tuberculosis derivation and diseases of biliary ducts system.
Source 2. This is hydro-carbonate-sodium water of medium mineralization (like “Borjomy”, “Poliana Kvasova”). Physiologically this kind of water “2-s” influences on pH balance, facilities decreasing of acid production by stomach glands. It is very helpful for treatment of gastritis with hyper and normal acidity, ulcerative disease, chronic pancreatitis, colitis.
Source 3. This is law sour hydro-carbonate-calcium water of law mineralization. This water has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory function, ameliorates blood circulation, in case of kidneys law function facilities recovery of kidneys normal functioning.
Source 8, 9, 10 (pump-room). These are hydro-carbonate-calcium waters. They are recommended in treatment of liver and biliary ducts diseases (chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic hepatitis) and pathology of urethral canals and kidneys (urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis). This water increases diuretic and filtration function of kidneys.
Source 15. Water from this source is rich in iron, carbonic acid and manganese. There aren’t analogues of this source in Ukraine. Water from this unique source is recommended in treatment of chronic diseases of stomach with hypoacidity followed by anaemies and others kinds of anaemies, after bleedings and late chlorosis. This water is useful for radionuclide getting out from the human organism.
Source 13. By its physico-chemical properties water from this source is similar to that from the source 15. This is hydro-carbonate-calcium water. This water changes secretory function of the stomach glands with different intensity, increases production of pepsin. Ions of iron II valence as the specific generator of blood accelerate production of erythrocytes and are original building materials for the haemoglobin. This water facilities radionuclide getting out from the human organism.
Source 25, 26. By its physico-chemical properties hydro-carbonate-sulphate-calcium-manganese waters of law mineralization from these sources have all characteristic groups of microorganisms for waters like “Naftusia”. They are recommended in treatment of kidneys diseases and after jaundice.
Spa-hotel "Respect"
The Respect Spa-hotel is located at a picturesque area of Skhidnytsia village. There are 27 comfortable rooms with wonderful view of the mountains in the hotel. It is quite close to all the wells of Skhidnytsia and there is a mineral water pump room on the territory of the hotel. The specialists of the hotel will set an individual health improvement program for you, including such manipulations as speleotherapy, ozokeritotherapy, wellness-therapy, SPA and swimming pool.
Hotel "Santa-Mariya"
Modern three-star resort complex “Santa Mariya” is located in marvelous valley in the nature preserve “Skolivski Beskydy” at the hight of 600 m above the sea and surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. The small river Shidnychanka, filled with unusual clear mountain water, flows alongside. You can look at the picturesque views on Carpathians, and the locations of numerous mineral springs from the windows of your room in this hotel. One of most healthy mineral spring №18 is located directly near a hotel.
Hotel "Taor"
Location: Lastivka village near Skhidnytsia. It is a comfortable and modern hotel, with wide range of services for active rest but also with its health improving services and treatments with the usage of professional equipment. The hotel complex has medical SPA center, family houses (cottages), hotel Taor (standard rooms), spa and health treatment facilities, beach on the river, restaurant.
Villa "Yuran"
Villa Yuran is located at a picturesque area of Skhidnytsia village.
Villa has a playground, as well as in its territory three summerhouses, barbecue, swings.

Villa "Zolote Runo"
A newly built 3-storied complex can accommodate 20 persons in 9 rooms.
There is a restaurant, a Russian bath-room, tents with a brazier..
Complex is situated 20m far from the Source № 1..
There are independent systems of water supply, hot water - 24/7.