A person feels the vital necessity of water everywhere, but waters of mineral springs deserve special attention. It is the main curative factor of balneotherapeutic resorts to which Morshyn also belongs.

Town-resort Morshyn was founded in 1878, situated at a height of 340 meters above the sea-level. Average temperature +20°C in summer, -4°C in winter. Due to bile-, urine-expelling and laxative actions of mineral water there is cleaning of an organism, removing of radionuclides, the general immune status raises. As a result of this the diseases of digestive apparatus and urinoextretory ways, metabolism disorders and allergies are effectively eliminated.

In early 50ies there were nine sanatoriums in Morshyn resort. At that time recreation buildings and sanatoriums could provide treatment services for 15 thousand people a year. In 60ies the specialists and doctors studied widely the medical effect of different dilutions of mineral water from spring #1 as the part of health resort therapy for digestive apparatus diseases. Starting since 1966 Morshyn geological prospecting group launched the exploration campaign of new mineral water deposits. So in 1968 a new type of mineral water (borehole #6) was found on the territory of resort − sulphate-chloride-soda-potassium-magnesia water. Clinical and experimental analyses of this water opened the possibilities to work out the instructions and of its use for the treatment of chronic biliary tracts diseases.

Health resort Morshyn develops and grows year after year. And figures speak for themselves. In early 60 ies 35-40 thousand people visited resort every year, while at the end of 80 ies twice as many patients received medical treatment in various sanatoriums and medical establishments of Morshyn. The well-room of mineral waters located in the central part of resort catches everyone’s eye.  Here simultaneously 6 thousand people can drink mineral water. Patients consume mineral waters of different mineralization and temperature, obtained after dilution of natural brine from spring#1 and borehole #6.

Resting comlpex “Nik”
Recreation complex is located near the natural lake right at the entrance to the town from Lviv direction. It functions since 2005 and consist of four buildings with a car park, an open place with bar and summer-house, a summer restaurant complex.