The most famous Ukrainian spa resorts are Truskavets and Skhidnytsia. The healing power of their naftusia mineral water and the hot ozocerite treatments were widely known already more than 100 years ago during Austro-Hungarian rule, when Poles, Slovaks, Germans and Czechs traveled here for treatments. People who leave here after either a 12-day or 24-day treatment period claim they have never felt better in their lives.

In the Carpathian Mountains at the height of 600 metres above the sea level there is a unique small mountain health-resort settlement Skhidnytsia. Health-giving waters, fresh mountains air, beautiful mountains nature - all these components are very helpful in liver, kidney, stomach diseases treatment, facilities radionuclide and heavy metals getting out from the human organism.
Truskavets is the original and most attractive balneological resort of Ukraine. Truskavets resort is located in a picturesque valley at the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at the height of 350 м above sea level at a distance of 100 kms from Lviv. The Lviv airport and railway link it with the largest cities of Ukraine and countries of Europe.

A person feels the vital necessity of water everywhere, but waters of mineral springs deserve special attention. It is the main curative factor of balneotherapeutic resorts to which Morshyn also belongs.