Hiking Bystrytsia – Osmoloda, 7 days

Total distance to walk: 116 km
Transport: mini-bus
Start/finish: Bystrytsia village, Osmoloda village
Starting dates to join a group tour: 13 July 2017
Tour price is 250 EURO for solo tourists.

Gorgany is always considered to be the wildest mountain region in the whole Carpathians. The seven-day tour across this region gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with the wild nature, old culture, and watch fantastic sceneries. You will hike during the day and slope down to the village to stay overnight in the comfortable cottage.

Day 1.
Departure to Bystrytsia by mini-bus – 14.00. Accommodation in Bystrystia. Having dinner – national Ukrainian dishes. Hiking via Tavpishyrka ridge, Legions Pass and back to Bystrytsia village. We will hike to Tavpishyrka ridge to watch picturesque views on Gorgany and via the Legions pass slope back to Bystrytsia.

From Tavpishyrka ridge to Legions pass we will be walking along a ridge that once was an old Polish-Czechoslovakian border.
Distance to walk: 21 km
Overfall of the height: 1450 m
Day 2.
Hiking via Tavpishyrka ridge, Legions Pass and back to Bystrytsia village.
Distance to walk: 21 km
Overfall of the height: 1450 m
Short characteristic of the day route: the well-marked path to Tavpishyrka ridge; dirt road back to Bystrytsia. Approximate time of the walk: 9 hours.

Day 3. Optional day.
Hiking via Vedmezhyk Mountain to Dovbushanka Mountain, Stoly Pass and back to Bystrytsia. We are going to climb Dovbushanka mountain. That is one of highest mountains in Gorgany. Its’ slopes are quit steep. Nevertheless, you will watch marvelous landscapes on the whole Gorgany.

Distance to walk: 28 km
Overfall of the height: 1850 m
Short characteristic of the day route: all the route is based on the well-marked roads. Right after the end of the village – the ascent to Dovbushanka Mountain; sloping back to the village Bystrytsia along the river. Approximate time of the walk: 11 hours
Relax-day in Bystrytsia: visiting an old wooden church, tasting the Ukrainian national cuisine.

Day 4.
Going to the village Stara Huta via the pass and ridge with a great view.
Today we will have an early start. We will hike to the village Shara Huta via the ridge with a views on the part of Gorgany. The road along the river leads to the ascent on the pass. Then will have to hike to the pass. It will take us about two hours. Up to the loggers post, we will walk along the ridge.

That is the bigger part of our route for today. Now we will only go down and down to the village Stara Huta along the river.
Distance to walk: 22 km
Overfall of the height: 630 m
Short characteristic of the day route: all the route is well-marked (dirt roads or paths) along the river; the ascent to the ridge; sloping to the loggers post and hiking along the river to Stara Huta village. Aproximate time of the walk: 9 hours

Day 5.
We will explore the neugbourings: excursion to the old monastery “Manyavs’kyi Skyt” and the waterfall “Manyavs’kyi”.

Day 6.
Stara Huta – Ihrovets Mountain (1804 m.)
Hiking via pasture Pohar, Ihrovets Mountain (1804 m.), Vysoka Mountain (1803 m.) to the village Osmoloda. We will take an early start to the old village Osmoloda via the mountains Ihrovets, Vysoka and the ridge Matakhiv. Definitely it will be a long day trip, but you will be satisfied with good hotel and tasty dinner at the end of the day. You will see the traces of the First World War. While being on the peaks and walking along the ridge, you will watch amazing views on Gorgany.
Distance to walk: 25 km
Overfall of the height: 1937 m

Short characteristic of the day route: dirt road along the river to the pasture  Pohar; the path via Ihrovets
Mountain and Vysoka Mountain; dirt road to the village Osmoloda.
Approximate time of the walk: 10 hours

Day 7.
Stara Huta – Serednia meadow - Osmoloda.
Departure from Osmoloda to Lviv.

In case You are eager to walk, you can climb Grofa mountain (1748 m). Dinner in Osmoloda. Departure to Lviv. Approximate time of arrival – 22.00
If You decided to stay in a village, You will have a chance to take look on the elements of the old settlement of loggers and to visit the famous in Ukraine old villa “Kedrova Palata”. By the way, the river Limnytsia that flows past the village Osmoloda is the purest river in the whole Europe.

Tour price:

515 EURO per person for group of three and more persons;
305 EURO per person for group of two persons;
250 EURO for solo tourists;

The price includes:

- transportation from Lviv to the Carpathians and back by mini-bus;
- accommodation in a hotel (cottage) in Bystrytsia and Stara Huta;
- half board in a  hotel and lunch during the trek;
- guide fee;
- insurance.

To reserve the tour please send an e-mail to carpathians@inlviv.com, specifying:
- your name and surname, country;
- how many people you are;
- contact phone number and e-mail;
- the name of the tour;
- starting date,

After the confirmation, we’ll ask you to pay a deposit – 70 EURO per person. The rest you can pay upon the arrival.

The tour starts from Lviv, but alternative pick up places could be arranged.
We could offer you to stay a few days after the tour in Lviv. And here you can find information about the hotelsapartments and hostels.